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P30406 3.25mm x 80cm Maple Circular Knitting Needles, P30408 3.75mm x 80cm Maple Circular Knitting Needles, P30409 4mm X 80cm Maple Circular Knitting Needles, P30601 Knitters Set, P30803 3.00mm Easy Grip Crochet Hook, P30804 3.50mm Easy Grip Crochet Hook, P30805 4mm Soft Grip Hook, P30807 5mm Soft Grip Hook, P30809 6mm Soft Grip Hook, P31606 3.25mm x 25cm Knitting Needles, P31611 5mm x 25cm Knitting Needles, P32606 3.25mm x 30cm Knitting Needles, P32607 3.5mm x 30cm Knitting needles, P32609 4mm x 30cm knitting Needles, P32610 4.5mm x 30cm Knitting Needles, P33664 6.5mm x 35cm Knitting Needles, P34664 6.5mm x 40cm Knitting Needles, P34670 K pins 12mm x 40cm, P36610 Double Ended Knitting Needles, P43609 4mm x 30cm Tunisian Crochet Hooks, P43909 4mm x 35cm Tunisian Double Ended Crochet Hook, P45609 4mm Hook, P45611 5mm Hook, P50604 2.75mm x 80cm Circular Knitting Needles, P50612 5.5mm x 80cm Circular Knitting Needles, P50613 6mm Circular Knitting Needles, P60601 Row Counter Small, P60602 Row Counter Large, P60603 Assorted Row Counter, P60608 Cable Needles, P60613 Stitch Holder, P60614 Small Stitch Holder, P60615 Stitch Holder, P60616 Stitch holders, P60617 Stitch Holder, P60618 Stitch Holder, P60622 Pointer Protectors, P60638 Stitch Markers, P60644 Knitting Guage, P60666 Row Counters, P60674 Safety Stitch Markers, P60691 2mm & 3mm Knooking Set


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