Lace / Braid


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GL4 White/Ivory Gathered Lace 20mm, GL33 White gathered Lace 20mm, GL201 Ivory Gathered Lace 30mm, GL219 Gathered Lace 60mm, Border Anglais 2173GM, VA12B1 White Gathered Lace 15mm, VA12B1 Cream Gathered Lace 15mm, Insertion Border Anglaise Turquoise, Bridal Rouleau Button Looping White, Flat Lace Cream 10mm, Blue Braid 15mm, Rouleau Button Loop Ivory, VA12A104 Black Flat Lace 50mm, Silver Lurex 8mm, VA16D44 White/Rainbow Braid 10mm, VA16D44 Silver/Rainbow Braid 10mm, French Gimp Braid Tan 10mm, VA12A102 Flat Lace Black 35mm, French Gimp Black 15mm, VA1A21 Teddy Bear White, L175 Knitting Lace 33mm Bottle, L175 Knitting Lace Lemon, L175 Knitting Lace Multi, Cotton Lace 10mm


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