Knitting Needles


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2.75mm 30cm Ess, 3mm 30cm Ess, 3.25mm 30cm Ess, 3.75mm 30cm Ess, 4.5mm 30cm Ess, 5mm 30cm Ess, 5.5mm 30cm Ess, 6mm 30cm Ess, 7mm 30cm Ess, 7.5mm 30cm Ess, 9mm 30cm Ess, 2.25mm 35cm Ess, 2.75mm 35cm Ess, 9mm 35cm Ess, 12mm 30cm Pony, 20mm 40cm Pony, Children’s K/Pins 3.25mm & 4mm, P34606 3.25mm x 40cm, P34609 4mm x 40cm, P61659 Children's Knitting Pins 4mm x 18cm


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