FW Acrylic Artist Ink


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JDAFW651 Lemon Yellow, JDAFW675 Process Yellow, JDAFW607 Brilliant Yellow, JDAFW643 Indian Yellow, JDAFW687 Flame Orange, JDAFW513 Crimson, JDAFW567 Scarlet, JDAFW517 Flame Red, JDAFW412 Process Magenta, JDAFW437 Purple Lake, JDAFW134 Prussian Blue, JDAFW119 Rowney Blue, JDAFW127 Indigo, JDAFW120 Process Cyan, JDAFW145 Turquoise, JDAFW151 Marine Blue, JDAFW375 Sap Green, JDAFW363 Olive Green, JDAFW335 Emerald Green, JDAFW326 Dark Green, JDAFW348 Light Green, JDAFW578 Flesh Tint, JDAFW663 Yellow Ochre, JDAFW667 Raw Sienna, JDAFW222 Antelope Brown, JDAFW554 Red Earth, JDAFW223 Burnt Umber, JDAFW251 Sepia, JDAFW053 Cool Grey, JDAFW065 Paynes Grey, JDAFW028 Black, JDAFW011 White, JDAFW701 Gold, JDAFW79 Shimmering Gold, JDAFW711 Shimmering Blue, JDAFW713 Shimmering Red, JDAFW714 Shimmering Green, JDAFW454 Velvet Violet, JDAFW113 Hot Cool Yellow, JDAFW117 Mazuma Gold


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