Felt Sheets


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FPP4 Multi Pack 300mm x 230mm, Black AF01/20, FPP15 Multi Pack 300mm x 200mm, Felt 9" (22cm) Wool/viscose, 32 Crimson 9" 22mm Wool Mix, 58 Emerald 9" 22cm Wool Mix, 59 Jade 9" 22cm Wool Mix, 61 Holly 9" 22cm Wool Mix, 73 White 9” 22cm Wool mix, 74 Black Felt 9” 22cm Wool Mix, GF01/01 Black Glitter Felt, GF01/02 White Glitter Felt, GF01/03 Silver Glitter, GF01/04 Pewter Glitter Felt, GF01/05 Rose Gold Glitter, GF01/06 Gold Glitter Card, GF01/07 Light Pink, GF01/08 Magenta Glitter Felt, GF01/09 Light Blue Glitter Felt, GF01/10 Royal Blue Glitter Felt, GF01/11 Green Glitter Felt, GF01/12 Red Glitter, AF07/ WHT Snowflake Glitter Felt, AF07/Red Snowflake Glitter Felt, Felt 30cm x 23cm Acrylic


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