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Crafter's Acrylic by DecoArt

Crafter's acrylic is a high quality,economical acrylic paint for all craft projects.

Designed to brush out smoothly and evenly, it covers in 1 or 2 coats. It is versatile and can be used in general arts and crafts, stenciling, ceramics, school projects, home decorating,and decorative painting. There are 108 colours, so the spectrum and possibilities are endless.

The paint can be used on:

Wood. Paper Mache. Fabric. Plaster. Clay pots. Ceramic bisque. Candles. Canvas. Resins. Polymer clay. Styrofoam. Poster Board. Paper. Tin. Cards. Girt bags.

The feature and advantages:

Colours can be intermixed. Brushes on smoothly and evenly. Base-coating is quick and easy. Consistent two-coat coverage. Permanent Lightfast pigments non-tixic. Soap and water clean-up. Made in the USA. fast Drying

Aditional Decorating ideas:

Create a fabric paint by mixing with Fabric Medium to create a washable fabric paint for decorating fabrics. Once painted, allow to dry 24-48 hours. Heat set. Create crackle finishes by painting a base-coat of Crafter's Acrylic and then apply Weathered Wood. Then paint a contrasting colour of Crafter's Acrylic over the weathered Wood for air brushing, thin with 30% water. For stenciling, use Crafter's Acrylic as is. Apply with a stencil brush or other preferred stenciling. Technique.


DCA01 White, DCA02 Light Antique White, DCA03 Antique White, DCA04 Yellow, DCA05 Antique Gold, DCA06 Golden Brown, DCA07 Orange, DCA08 Pure Pumpkin, DCA09 Flesh, DCA10 Medium Flesh (Disc), DCA11 Burnt Sienna, DCA12 Cinnamon Brown, DCA13 Country Maple, DCA14 Sandstone (Disc), DCA15 Tan, DCA16 Burnt Umber, DCA19 Burgundy Rose (Disc), DCA20 Christmas Red, DCA21 Deep Red, DCA22 Bright Red, DCA23 Burgundy, DCA24 Cherry Blossom Pink, DCA26 Lavender, DCA29 Navy Blue, DCA30 Copenhagen Blue, DCA33 Sky Blue, DCA36 Leaf Green, DCA37 Christmas Green, DCA39 Forest Green, DCA41 Hunter Green, DCA42 Turquoise, DCA43 Dark Turquoise, DCA45 Amish Grey, DCA46 Westport Grey, DCA47 Black, DCA48 Fabric Medium, DCA49 Bright Yellow, DCA50 Muslin, DCA51 Yellow Cornmeal, DCA52 Luscious Lemon, DCA53 Daffodil Yellow, DCA55 Squash Blossom, DCA56 Poppy Orange, DCA60 Soft Suede, DCA63 Red Bird, DCA64 Red Carpet, DCA65 Wild Watermelon, DCA67 Thistle Blossom, DCA68 Pink Lemonade, DCA69 Wild Rose Pink, DCA70 Passionate Pink, DCA71 Lilac Frost, DCA72 Purple Passion, DCA73 Regal Purple, DCA74 African Violet, DCA75 Barely Blue, DCA76 Cool Blue, DCA77 Blue Bouquet, DCA78 Phlox Blue, DCA79 Truly Blue, DCA80 Peacock Blue, DCA81 Early Spring, DCA85 Wild Green, DCA84 Shamrock Green, DCA86 Pine Needle, DCA90 Ocean Green, DCA91 Rainforest Green, DCA93 Morning Mist Grey, DCA94 Storm Cloud Grey, DCA95 Silver Morning, DCA96 Gold, DCA97 Bright Orange, DCA98 Party Pink, DCA99 Fun Fushia, DCA101 Bright Blue, DCA102 Tropical Blue, DCA103 Citrus Green, DCA104 Holiday Green, DCA110 Bright Purple, DCA113 Sun Yellow, DCA114 Spa Blue, DCA115 Lush Foliage, DCA116 Cafe Mocha, DCA117 Buttercream, DCA118 Goldenrod, DCA119 Orange Spice, DCA120 Tutti Fruitti, DCA121 Very Berry, DCA122 Grape Taffy, DCA123 Island Blue, DCA124 Coastal Blue, DCA125 Grasshopper Green, DCA126 Tuscan Red, DCA127 Decorator's Orange


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